With everything going on in the world currently, I feel like kids are missing out on their education. I scoured and researched and found some great educational resources to use in addition to, with, or for fun, to school!

If you have any educational resources that you have found, please feel free to leave them in the comments and I will get them added to our list!

Educational Resources

PBS Kids
Sesame Street
Highlights Kids
The Kidz Page (Online games, puzzles, coloring pages, learning games)
Seussville (Explore Dr. Suess characters, watch Dr. Seuss movies, and play games)
Hello Kids (Coloring sheets + gamess)

Youngzine (Age appropriate news)
TvoKids (Preschool & school aged)
Word World (Interactive books, games & printables)
Time for Kids
Magic Tree House (For reading aged children)
DOGO News (Articles for Reading)
Switch Zoo (Online learning and games about animals)

Math Resources

Coolmath Games (All ages)
Math-Aids.com (Worksheets for all math topics)
Free Math Worksheets (All math levels)
Math Worksheets (All levels)
Prodigy (a BIG fave in my house with my elementary aged kids!)

Splash Learn (Grades K through 5th math)
Helping with Math (Grades K through 8th)
Math Playground (Grades 1st through 6th math games)
Homeschool Math (Worksheets; grades 1st through 7th)
Cool Math (Pre-algebra, Algebra, Pre-calculus)

Reading Resources

Storyline Online (Most books appear to be K through 4th grade)
Reading Games from PBS Kids
Into the Book (Play games that practice reading!)
Epic! (Books, videos; Ages 5 and under through 12)

Teach Your Monster to Read (aimed for kids in the first stages of learning to read, or for older children who need a bit more practice)
ReadWorks.org (Reading content, curriculum & tools for grades K through 12th)
E Reading Worksheets (Grades 1st and up)

Writing Resources

The Story Starter, Jr. (Random story starter sentence generator to help your child start writing their own story)
The Story Starter (Same as above, but for older kids and adults)
StoryJumper (Write an online book)
Spelling Words Well (Pre-K through Adult spelling worksheets)

No Red Ink (Grades 5th through 12th; writing and grammar exercises)
Paragraph Punch (Writing process)
Squiggle Park (ages 3 to 8+) and Dreamscape (ages 8 to 15+)
K12 Reader (Pre-K through High School worksheets)
Classroom Cereal (Grammar worksheets)

Science Resources

Discovery #MindBlown
Amazing Space
Weather Wiz Kids (Learn about different types of weather, jokes, flash cards, games)
The Happy Scientist (Science videos)
CELLS Alive! (Interactive models, puzzles)

Multi-Subject Resources

National Geographic Kids
Khan Academy
From ABCs to ACTs (All ages)
Oxford Owl (Books and Activities; Ages 3 through 11)
TLSBooks.com (Preschool through 6th grade worksheets)
ABCya (Pre-K to Grade 6+)
Turtle Diary (Pre-K through 5th grade)
Jump Start (Pre-K through 5th grade worksheets)
Great! Schools (Pre-K through 5th grade worksheets)
IXL (Pre-K through 12th grade)
K5 Learning (K through 5th grade, reading & math)
Grid Club (Educational games for ages 7 to 11+)
Crypto Club (Challenges, games, comics, math)
Study Jams (Math & Science for the older kids)
Crash Course
CK-12 (Online text for subjects)
Brain POP

Fun Fonix (Reading and writing worksheets + worksheet maker)
Common Core Sheets (Worksheets + make your own worksheets)
Easy Teacher Worksheets
teAchnology (Worksheets)
Starfall (Grades Pre-K through 3rd)
Funbrain (Pre-K through 8th grade)
Scholastic Learn at Home (Pre-K through 9th grade)
Education.com (Worksheets, games, study packets, guided lessons; Pre-K through 5th grade)
Kidzone (Pre-K through 5th grade worksheets)
SoftSchools.com (Pre-K through High School; all subject worksheets)
e-learning for Kids (K through 6th)
Mr. Nussbaum (All subjects, grades K through 8th)
Fuel the Brain (Games, printables for Elementary age)
Smithsonian for Kids
PBS Learning Media (All grades, all subjects)

Other Resources

Free Social Emotional Learning Activities
Mission US (American History)
VidCode (Coding for grades 5+)

Code Academy
Nitro Type (Typing practice in a fun race car competition)
TypingClub (Typing practice)
GoNoodle (App)